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It is great to be free and be able to know what to do when we feel the effect of the evil one trying to ruin and destroy.

I attended the Freedom Walk Retreat in April 2006. I had previously been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my neck by my doctor. My neck has been free from pain since the Freedom Walk Retreat. It was very painful for me to drive a long distance without a lot of pain. Since the healing, I have been able to drive without pain. I also was diagnosed with high blood pressure by my doctor. I have taken prescription medication for 14 years. After the Freedom Walk Retreat, I noticed my blood pressure was very low in the mornings. It made me feel very weak, and I didn’t have any energy. I told my doctor about my blood pressure being low and she told me to stop taking my morning medication. I have been off my morning medication for about six weeks and my blood pressure is in the normal range.


It has been two years that I have been off blood pressure medicine. I went for a checkup and when the nurse took my pressure, it was 120/80. The computer, however gave her a message that she needed to take it again. When she did it was 110/70! Also, my cholesterol has gone from 252 to 210. The doctor also stated that my kidneys are like a 20 year old’s and I am 55! Thank you for the teachings in your conferences, we have an awesome God.


I had been living with depression for 6 or 7 years. I never took medication for it. I was sure that I could overcome it myself. I tended to deny actually being depressed, but when you pray every day that you will die just to escape your life, that’s depressed! I had a loving family, great husband, precious grandchildren, but there was a sadness that just sucked the life out of me.

Although I’d had several traumatic events happen earlier in my life, it wasn’t until an embezzler took everything we had that I hit the bottom. I struggled to get over it, I prayed a great deal about it. I had been a Christian all my life. I would have temporary victories, but would soon be back in a state of ultimate despair again.

Then God led me to this retreat where I discovered the root of my depression. For me, it was several areas of sin, unforgiveness for one, (amazingly, not for the guy that had stolen our money, but against some family members and friends). I thought I had forgiven them, but when I would think about it, I would get angry again. That isn’t forgiveness. I had allowed my enemy to infiltrate my life and didn’t even realize it. I went through the step by step process of acknowledging the sin, taking responsibility for allowing it to fester in my life, asking God’s forgiveness, and uninviting the enemy from my life.

The joy I had once known was immediately back. I have learned how to keep very short accounts with God and not allow sin in any form to take root in my heart. I feel that, at last, I am living the abundant life that God not only promised me but has for so long desired to give me. Hallelujah!


When I was eight years old, my father was electrocuted in an accident at home. I was at home when that accident happened. I did not understand what had happened to my dad, but when I saw him lying in the back yard in the rain, I knew something was wrong. I called for an ambulance; they did not come for over thirty minutes. I stood, in my raincoat, at the end of the driveway to my house waiting for the ambulance to come for that thirty minutes and I did not know why they took so long to come. I started the fourth grade that year without my father at home. That is when fear came into my life.

I do not remember when I began to have allergy problems, but I had a runny nose continually. I had ear and sinus infections regularly. I was always taking antibiotics, pills or shots, way too often. I do remember being afraid that my mother would not come home in the evening. (She was going to college to get a degree in education so she could become a teacher and provide an income for our family.) I was afraid to speak to people at school or at church. My mother had taken me to church when I was six weeks old and we were there Sunday morning, Sunday night, and on Wednesday evenings. I was fearful all the time.

I was a poor student for three years after my dad was killed. I thought school days would never end and when they finally did, I ran home to see if my mother would be at home. For some reason, when I was in the seventh grade, my grades suddenly improved and I was always on the honor roll until I graduated from high school. The fear never left, but I did somehow learn to compensate for it in some ways. I finally learned to talk to people a little bit, though. My middle name could have been Bashful all during the time I was in grade school.

In 2006, fifty years after fear entered my life, I came to Pastor Wendell’s conference in Fort Worth, Texas. I was skeptical of people who said they could heal others. I had remained in church my whole life, but, looking back on my experience there, I really did not know much about what the Bible had to say. Pastor Wendell taught what the Bible says about how we should live. I had never heard that from anyone like he explained it during that conference. When the conference was over, he had a ministry time for those who wanted healing. I decided to stay and see what happened. After some time passed, I decided to see if what Wendell said was true. I went and asked for my right knee to be healed. It was healed as soon as he finished the prayer.

In 2008, I learned that the fear that I carried was due to the fact that I did not trust God. I did not trust God because I did not understand how much He loved me. Pastor Wendell gave me some scripture to read and meditate over each day and over the next three months my allergy problems disappeared. I have had no allergy troubles and not a single sinus infection in four years.

Also in 2008, I went for an annual physical exam and my doctor administered a stress test. I walked on the treadmill while my heart was being monitored and signals were recorded. After the stress test, my doctor told me that I had at least a 30% blockage in my left coronary artery and that if I did not get the blockage removed, I was likely to have a “widow maker” heart attack. The “widow maker” heart attack is aptly named in that it is 100% fatal if it occurs. Tim Russert died of this kind of heart attack in 2008. My doctor gave me the name and phone number of a cardiologist and told me to go see him immediately. The cardiologist would perform a catheterization of my heart and either do a balloon angioplasty or insert stents to open the blocked artery.

I knew that I was working on getting fear out of my life. Fear can cause heart attacks. I never called that cardiologist. I kept working on removing the fear that had always been with me. I have learned that fear is a spirit. I know that fear is a sin. I repented of that sin. I have repented of it more than once when it crept back into my thoughts and into my life. I worked to understand and believe that God loves me very much. I now believe that God will do what He says when He promises to take care of me and provide for my needs. I have transferred the knowledge of how much God loves me from my head to my heart.

I finally went to a cardiologist again in January, 2012. I went for another stress test and walked on the treadmill and had the signals from my heart recorded again. After finishing the test, I waited for the doctor to tell me the results. He came in the room, told me that I was not eating right and that I was not exercising enough. He also told me that my heart arteries were clear and had no blockages. My wife will testify that between the 2008 stress test and the 2012 stress test, my eating habits and my exercise habits have not changed. I did not take any new medication. I just repented of the sin of fear and Jesus healed me. Praises to God, my Healer, Savior, Redeemer, and Friend!

HR – 2012

I have been taking a prescription drug for high blood pressure for nearly eight years. On occasion, my blood pressure went so high that I felt the resulting symptoms. My doctor had me temporarily double my dosage until my blood pressure returned to a safe level. After I attended the Freedom Walk Retreat, my blood pressure gradually started to drop. When my blood pressure got down to 105/56, I stopped taking my prescription medicine completely. Since that time, my blood pressure has leveled off at 118/65 without any medication, and, overall, I just feel better.


I wanted to share my testimony and just haven’t had the time due to the holidays. Back in November when Angel was praying with me, out of your spirit I presume, you prayed for my hypothalamus gland. This was not something that I had asked prayer for and I was surprised, but I figured the Lord knew I needed it.

Four days later, the healing I asked for in my skin with stretchmarks from Marfan’s syndrome started diminishing GREATLY and it has continued, which is what I asked for. Well shortly thereafter I noticed my water weight dropping.

I had a lot of it dropped this summer, when I stopped eating so much with sodium and increased my potassium, but I could not lose the rest. I had plateaued.

I finally looked up about the hypothalamus gland on the 7000 Project last night. It has to do with one’s metabolic rate from fear and stress, which of course in turn has to do with weight including water weight. Praise God! He threw in an extra one for me!

I don’t know if you understood why you prayed for my hypothalamus gland, but I sure am glad.

The H.S. has let me know that I need one more area addressed in order to be completely healed from Marfan’s, which is next on the list. Healing really is layer by layer. Once one layer is removed then the next thought comes from the H.S. on what the next healing needs to be in order to progress into good health.

Thanks be to the Lord!

NC – Orlando

Thank you so much for the conference and your tireless efforts on behalf of us. I have not been the same since attending the Winter Park conference and look forward to many more days of blessed assurance of God’s healing power in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Rheumatoid Arthritis in my feet and hips and spine has spontaneously departed and I am rejoicing in His mercy! I am ‘looking different’ and ‘act different’ and ‘sound different’, according to people who have known me for some time. Frankly, as I continue to walk through the practice of the 8 R’s in my daily walk, deliverances are occurring daily – some I don’t even know how to tell.

As a teacher in a secular college situation, it is difficult to bring the name Jesus into the classroom, yet I have found for the past two weeks it has been a pleasure to bring Him with me. Today, a student through a writing assignment was delivered into my arms in the middle of class from traumatic emotional events from her youth. In front of the whole class, I let her cry on my shoulder and hold on while I ministered the love of Christ to her. Every one of the students in the room knew who I belonged to and that all of them were safe…God did all of that. Praise the LORD!


I was diagnosed with scleroderma in October of 2002. I had all the classic symptoms. Scleroderma is a so-called “incurable” autoimmune disease that affects the connective tissues and collagen of the body. It also can affect all the internal organs of the body. My immune system had begun to attack my body. I was having trouble breathing and I was coughing all the time. My heart would beat so fast it was hard to catch my breath. I could not walk very far at a time and I would have to sit down every few minutes during the day. I experienced tightness of the skin on my arms, hands, legs, trunk and neck. The itching on my body was horrendous–especially on my arms. My body hurt all over inside and out and I experienced a tiredness I did not know existed, the kind of tiredness that no matter how much you rest you cannot get rested. I could not sleep because I couldn’t get into a position that was comfortable. It would take me so long just to turn over in the bed. I could only sleep an hour or two at a time. When I woke up I would feel like I had not slept at all. It was hard just to get out of bed in the mornings and get through my work day as a school teacher.

I refused to take to my bed and let the disease take over my body! Of course, I was put on medication immediately after my diagnosis. The doctor increased the methotrexate dosage when the disease began to spread all over my body.

I knew from time spent immersing myself in the Word that God did not put the disease in my body, and I also knew He was able to take it out. I cried out to God for healing, and I knew from scripture that He heard my cry. I also believe my healing began when I cried out to God, even though there was no outward sign of change in my body.

I was introduced to Pastor Henry Wright’s book A More Excellent Way in the summer of 2005 and began reading and studying it. I was able to attend The Freedom Walk in April of 2006. My real healing began as I came to understand the root causes of the disease and work through them. The session that ministered to me the most was the session on The Father’s Love. I was set free of all the anger, bitterness, and resentment that I had held against my earthly father. It was as if it all just melted away and I was released from it. I began to experience a new love from my Heavenly Father that I had never experienced before.

I was able to attend a second Freedom Walk in June 2006. I understood the material better after hearing it a second time, and God convicted me in other areas of my life that I had not yet surrendered to Him. Repenting and renouncing the different spirits after each teaching session was very powerful. Knowing I was set free from an unloving spirit was especially powerful for me. The unloving spirit is what caused my body to start attacking itself and the scleroderma began. When a person stays in self-rejection, self-hatred, self-bitterness, guilt, and fear long enough the body begins to follow those feelings and attack itself.

I have learned to forget about the disease and instead focus on God and His love for me. The power of our spoken words is so important because what we speak out of our mouth will eventually become our reality. From time to time, people would ask me, “How is your scleroderma?” I would reply, “It is not my scleroderma and it does not belong in my body.” I would tell them God is healing me everyday in every way. I would say these things even when I felt terrible, and even when others would tell me how terrible I looked. I ignored what I felt and what others said to and about me, and I acted like a well person in good health.

I have had to walk out my healing daily. I am so excited to say God has healed me. My lab reports are all coming back normal now and I am off all medications. My healer is God!!! God is sooo awesome!!!!


In June 2006 a friend told me about Pastor Henry Wright’s book “A More Excellent Way.” After reading the book, my first healing was from a skin condition that I had over a period of 30 years. In August 2006, I attended a conference where Pastor Wendell was teaching. He prayed that my legs would be the same length and they immediately lined up! I was on blood pressure medicine for two years and he also prayed for that. I was able to stop taking my medication in October 2006. My doctor confirmed that my blood pressure was normal at my next checkup! That was God! I was also diagnosed with fibrocystic disease. After having mammograms for over 25 years, the doctor stated that he saw no density and said I would not have to have any more mammograms! Praise God! It is wonderful to be pain free and medicine free. Praise God for my healing and for this teaching!


I have been meaning to email you regarding my daughter Allisun’s emotional healing that came about at the conference which we attended in May.

She was all upset due to the divorce between her Dad and I and was having trouble verbalizing her feelings of sadness and anger. I believe that she was able to open up and let go of the pain that was caused by this at the conference. She cried a lot at conference and got some helpful counseling. She experienced a huge amount of peace and felt relief and acceptance afterwards. Her tension and feeling of pressure and oppression were lifted. She was happier and felt physically stronger all over. She also got into a Christian High school shortly after that.

Another good thing also happened as a result of the teaching we recieved. One day Allisun fell at school and had hurt her knee. The pain lasted about a week and it was beginning to feel better and, we thought, almost healed. Then one day after about a week long rest and massages, we were on our way to church and the pain became excruciating. She could almost not walk on it. We prayed about it but then remembered that we had not cast out the demon of pain and infirmity. We were in the car and on our way into church and realized that the demon was trying to discourage her. We prayed the repentence prayer and began casting out the demon. Allisun stood up and felt immediate relief. No more pain and it has not returned!! We ended up going to church and praising God all the way. Thank God for the education we recieved from the ministry and the ability to recognize the evil that tried to destroy a great day.

I know that the ministry also helped me to heal from my divorce after 23 years of marriage. I was able to let go of the anger and pain that I felt. Thank you to you and Wendell for your ministry and knowledge and wonderful teaching. It is great to be free and be able to know what to do when we feel the effect of the evil one trying to ruin and destroy.